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What We Do

Compelling video app experiences

Video experiences

We build compelling mobile experiences for video content using our core building blocks and technology.

Cloud connect your solution

Cloud connectivity

Our experienced team can help you leverage cloud resources to deliver a dynamic, connected and distributed mobile experience on Google's Compute Engine or Amazon's Web Services.

Integrate social login and community

Social login

We help you seamlessly include social login and authentication into your app experience and leverage the social community in your connected app to deliver and prioritize user focused content.

Create unique user interfaces

Unique UX

We help you engage with your customers by building user experiences that go beyond the simple visual controls of most apps and fully exploit the advanced capabilities of the mobile device.

Dynamic, consistent cross-platform UX

Cross-platform UX

Our team can help you build a user experience that looks and performs the same on all device platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux while staying true to each platform's nuances.

Right tool for the job

Right tool for the job

Whether you are building a solution with HTML/Java technologies or you need the performance of native code development, our team is here to help. We are comfortable in a variety of environments, and we have extensive experience in assembly/machine language, SIMD and NEON instructions and even GPU coding.

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The Grijjy team has extensive experience in app and BAAS development, covering the full stack. Allow us to help your team with your next project? We offer our consulting and specialized software engineering services on a per-diem or project basis.

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Our Approach

Build the UX of tomorrow

Take Full Advantage of Mobile Devices

Our technology takes full advantage of the powerful capabilities of the device your client already owns (CPU and the GPU, high performance NEON/ARM64 native code)

Efficient Architecture Conserves Battery

We believe in efficiency; our applications won't drain battery life, overburden processors or consume excessive memory resources

Offload to The Cloud

We believe that connected apps should seamlessly cooperate with the cloud to offload the effort from the user device and do the heavy-lifting elsewhere


We believe the building blocks you integrate into your solution in the cloud need to grow as your requirements expand from concept up to Internet-scale

Integrate into Your Solution

Whether you are creating a new product or have an existing solution, we work with you and your team to integrate these technologies and building blocks into your solution

Build for the Devices of Today

We create great user experiences on the devices your customers already own; not just the highest specification, most modern devices

Continuously Innovating

We are continuously innovating and refining our core building blocks and technology to improve the user experience for consuming video content

Open and interoperable

We believe in using industry standard best practices for interoperability allowing seamlessly integration between different technologies, APIs and platforms

Previous Achievements

First Conferencing Cloud

Frost and Sullivan award

With Nefsis, we introduced the first cloud-based, video conferencing online service, and were awarded the Frost & Sullivan "2009 European Conferencing & Collaboration Product Differentiation Award".



The communications technology company Nefsis Corporation, founded by Allen Drennan, was an early developer of real-time communications software and the first to use cloud computing in the videoconferencing industry.

Learn more on WikiPedia.

Internet-Scale Video Apps

Video Conferencing

We have extensive development experience in delivering highly scalable, cloud-based, cross-platform, multipoint video products as reflected in Gartner's Magic Quadrant For Web Conferencing Report.

Press Recognition


Our video products have been recognized extensively in the trade press over the years.

Grijjy Blog

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We enjoy offering the community a technical blog on a variety of topics.

Each post is backed with free-to-use source code on GitHub.


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