mobile communications reimagined

What is grijjy?

Mobile Communications Reimagined

grijjy is all about your favorite people and making the way you communicate with them more fun.

grijjy In YOUR Hand

Next Generation User Experience

grijjy provides the fluid and dynamic user interface you always wanted. The boring list of contacts is replaced with a lively, zoomable grid of animated selfies.

People First

People are at the center of the grijjy user interface, resulting in a more natural way to communicate with them.

Totally Free

Of course, grijjy is totally free. Send photos, text and voice messages for free. It works with your data plan. Oh, and it is also free of ads.

iOS and Android

grijjy runs on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

grijjy's Features

grijjy makes communicating fun and easy

Animated Grid

Your favorite people come to life in a grid of animated selfies

Animated Selfies

Create your own animated selfie and change the way other people see you

Be Everyone You Are

"Advertise" how to be found on grijjy with as many phone numbers and emails as you like

Free Texting

Send text messages for free, including photos and emojis

Easy Voice Messages

Tap and hold on a tile to quickly send a voice message

Import Contacts

You can manually add contacts or import them from your address book

Communicate With Anybody

All you need is someone's phone number; they don't have to be a member of the grijjy network

Reliable Service

Our powerful and secure cloud provides reliable service

See For Yourself

Press the Play button!

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