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The Grijjy team has extensive experience in app and BAAS development, covering the full stack. Perhaps we can help your team with your next project? We offer our consulting and specialized software engineering services on a per-diem or project basis.

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Your next app, built with the Grijjy team...

We build apps for both Android and iOS, mobile and tablet, with more dynamic and immersive user experiences. Our user interface design goes well beyond the 'same-old, same-old' look and feel of most of the apps in the app store - by building something that stands out from the crowd we can create a cutting-edge and dynamic UX that is custom for you.

In order to accomplish this, we create a custom cross-platform UI that seamlessly blends controls with dynamic and animated objects. The Grijjy team has a breadth of experience in image and video coding, OpenGL, and leveraging the mobile device GPU - not just the main processor.

When we build an app experience, that UX is built from day one to operate on various targets that you choose, including Windows and MacOS.

Our app development team specializes in:

Roll out your own scalable backend on Google's Compute Engine or Amazon's Web Service

When the time comes to move your app from a single-user app to an interconnected, internet-scale distributed one, the Grijjy team has the experience to help you get it done.

You don't have to pay an existing BAAS service for usage fees. If you are looking for a fault-tolerant, self-healing and stateless cloud that you can easily distribute and scale up, Grijjy can help.

Our team has extensive expertise in building and deploying scalable backend services, for Windows or Linux, on Google's Compute Engine and Amazon's Web Services. Whether you to need to build a service that only needs a dozen nodes supporting 100,000 users, or thousands of nodes supporting millions of users, we can help you get there.

Our backend (BAAS) team specializes in:

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